A donkey once fell into a well.The owner of the well decided to fill it with dirts oblivous to the donkey’s plight.As each shovelful of dirt landed on the donkey, it would shake it off and stand on it.
This continued for a long time until the pile of dirt was high enough for the donkey to step out of the well.The donkey could have given up and allowed the dirt to cover it but it persisted.
Even religion supports persistence.Jesus is reputed to have once told a parable about a man who needed a favour from a friend who had retired for the night.The friend in need persisted with his rrequest until he was obliged.In whatever you do persistence will make you succeed and come out tops.
Martin Luther King said “If you cannot fly, run, if you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl. By all means, keep moving. In whatever you do always remember this: Some people live in a dream world, some face reality and some people turn dreams into reality. Please belong to the latter category.It is a matter of “SAYING YES” to yourself.


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