This Christmas

So today is sunday 25th of december 2011. Christmas spirit but I’m not over whelmed by dat spirit.

I’m quite happy cos I was on the drums in church today after a long time out.
 The food:- I thought chicken was the main thing for christmas but was shocked wen I got a full bowl of rice and a finger like chicken.
 The babes:- all looking unnecessarily beautiful. *My sight is kinda blurry sha*
The spirit:- It doesn’t even look like the christmas I used to know.
It’s not the christmas I used to know, It’s a shadow of itself.
When I was a kid, christmas was full of fireworks, fire crackers, rockets and other crazy stuffs. Everybody used to stay out late, singing, dancing, playing games, e.t.c *though I used to watch from the window* what in the name of christ are kids of nowadays doing?
And yess d hit-crew just droped 3 new singles. On a christmas day??? DAMN!!!
*sound system playing*
Clap back, we gonna clap back, we gonna clap back (let’s take ’em to war niggaz)
What’s the procedure with a gun in your face when you got one in your waist, It’s clap back Nigga air out the space. *plays till I fall asleep*

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